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Best Trails This Week

Top 10 Whistler Walk to Trails Topo Map

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Top 10 Whistler Walk To Trails(no car, no problem)

Whistler as a resort has a wonderful car-free core.  The Village Stroll runs through the heart of Whistler Village and is entirely car free.  If you are visiting Whistler or living here and you don't have a car, it's no problem.  On foot or on a bike you can travel the extensive network of non-motorized trails.  The Valley Trail Whistler Top 10 - Bear on Blackcomb Mountainsnakes through Whistler Village and extends in several directions, all of which lead to beautiful parts of Whistler.

Whistler Walking TrailsThe Sea to Sky Trail and the Lost Lake trails continue this massive, car-free network of trails running almost everywhere in Whistler.  When it comes to many of the best hiking trails, getting to the trailheads on foot, by bike or public transit can be tricky at best or complicated and impractical at worst.  Many trailheads are far from Whistler Village and have steep access roads.

The good news is that some excellent trails emanate from Whistler Village and several more trailheads can be found after a 20-30 minute walk, 10 minute bike ride or 5 minute taxi ride.  In fact, finding 10 beautiful trails with trailheads walkable from Whistler Village is pretty easy.  If you do have a car, however, take a look at our Top 10 Hiking Trails list.  If you don't have a car, keep reading.

Whistler Top 10 - Parkhurst Ghost TownIf you want to find some good trailheads by bus, Whistler Transit has a continuous bus service that runs mainly up and down the Sea to Sky Highway.  It has stops in the vicinity of trailheads for Cheakamus River, Cheakamus Lake, Whistler Train Wreck and much of the Sea to Sky Trail south of Whistler Village.  The buses run about every 15 minutes and the bus routes are easy to figure out and navigate and the cost is just $3 per person(one way).

From Whistler Village you have some pretty amazing hiking options.  From the spectacular hiking trails that open up on Whistler and Blackcomb mountains in the summer months to the more hidden and adventurous Singing Pass trail leading to Russet Lake in Garibaldi Provincial Park.

Access for Blackcomb Mountain, Whistler Mountain and the Singing Pass trail to Russet Lake start in Whistler Village.  Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain require you to buy a summer lift pass to access(free if you have a season's pass), though the Singing Pass trail is free to hike.

Whistler Top 10 Walk To Trails - Lost LakeSightseeing lift passes for Whistler and Blackcomb mountains cost less than $50 per day and that includes access to both mountains as well as the Peak to Peak Gondola that spans the two.

Whistler & Blackcomb Mountain Hiking TrailsBoth mountains have a large and impressive network of hiking trails that open up for hiking in late may for some and late June(sometimes early July) for all trails.  Most of the summer gondolas and lifts continue running until late September and some until mid October.

You could easily spend a day hiking on each mountain, but most tend to hike some trails on each mountain and cross on the Peak to Peak Gondola once or twice.  Both mountain are well equipped with good places to eat.  Either end of the Peak to Peak Gondola have good cafeteria-style restaurants with million dollar views of snow capped mountain in all directions.

Parkhurst Tent Overlooking Green Lake - Whistler Top 10On the Blackcomb side you will find Christine's.  A fine dining restaurant with not too expensive prices.  Perched on the edge of the valley with wonderful views and great food.  Or you can just sit at the bar and enjoy the view over drink you won't soon forget.

These are the top 10 Whistler trails accessible without a car from Whistler Village.  Some start in or at the edge of Whistler Village, such as Whistler Mountain, Blackcomb Mountain, Singing Pass to Russet, the Sea to Sky Trail and the Lost Lake trails.

Others require a short or long walk to reach the trailhead from Whistler Village.  These include the Blueberry Trail(2k/1.24miles), Rainbow Lake(5k/3.1miles), the Flank Trail(5.4k/3.35miles) Parkhurst Ghost Town(9k/5.6miles) and Wedgemount Lake(14k/8.7miles).

Wedgemount Lake is included in our list here despite the distance for a few good Wedgemount Lake - Top 10 Whistler Walk To Trailheadsreasons.  Though it is effectively a 3 hour walk to the trailhead, it is reached by passing through Lost Lake, the Sea to Sky Trail and Parkhurst Ghost Town.  All of which are on our walk to list here.  This makes Wedgemount Lake a very enticing and an amazing trail to hike to.

For example, hiking from Whistler Village to Parkhurst or Green River(near the Wedgemount trailhead) and spending the night at either convenient and beautiful spot, cuts the 14 kilometre journey in half.  Keeping in mind that the Wedgemount Lake trail is a very steep, though short 7 kilometres(one way), getting to the trailhead is an easy and very scenic 14 kilometres on foot.

Keep in mind that there are no official campsites in Parkhurst or along the Sea to Sky Trail on the way to the Wedgemount Lake trailhead.  The wilderness, however, is quite vast after you enter the forest beyond Lost Lake and finding a hidden and secluded place to put up your tent is easy.

Top 10 Whistler Walk To Trails #1 - Blackcomb Mountain

Blackcomb Mountain is Accessible by ChairliftBlackcomb Mountain has come alive with beautiful hiking trails in recent years.  With the 2008 addition of the Peak to Peak Gondola which connects Blackcomb to Whistler, the demand for mountain trails is stronger than ever.  A dozen years ago, you would just have had some rough hiking trails to follow, and not many hikers using them.  These days you have mapboards, trail signs, viewpoint seating areas and six popular, named trails to hike.  The trails on Blackcomb Mountain are mostly easy and relaxing, however the Decker Loop Trail at the far end of the Blackcomb trails system is very challenging and spectacularly scenic.

Top 10 Walk To Trails - #1 Blackcomb Mountain

For the most part, you will find yourself winding through a nice alpine forest scattered with enormous fields of erratics leading to one great Blackcomb Aerial Video of Tent to Peakviewpoint after another.  You can hike for as little as 15 minutes or more than 3 hours, depending on the trail or trails you choose to follow.  Blackcomb Lake and Blackcomb Peak that looms far above it are the most popular destinations for hikers and getting there and back can be done in a couple hours.

Blackcomb Mountain is Pay to UseThe trails begin at the Rendezvous Lodge at the heart of Blackcomb Mountain.  You have two ways to get here and both require paying for access to WhistlerBlackcomb Resort.  An adult day pass in 2015 was $52.95 and a pass good for the whole summer was just $81.95.  These give you access to all the chair lifts and gondolas that access hiking trails as well as the Peak to Peak Gondola.

There are two ways to go up or down the mountains and a good idea is to use one way up and another way down to add to the variety.  A good way to start up the mountain is to begin by taking the Wizard Express chairlift in the Upper Village.  The Upper Village is where you find some of the more luxurious hotels in Whistler.  The Fairmont and the Four Seasons are located in the Upper Village.  If you are staying in Whistler Village, the Upper Village is just a short and very scenic, 10 minute walk away.  Also in the Upper Village in the summer months you will find several kid friendly activities such as trampolines, mini go-carts, a human maze, mini golf, horse riding, and quite a lot more.

Blackcomb Camp - Top 10 Walk To TrailsBlackcomb Bear - Top 10 Walk To TrailsBlackcomb Mountain - Top 10 Walk To Trails

Blackcomb Mountain is number 1 on our Top 10 Walk To Trails in Whistler list because of its easy access to stunning terrain.  A bit more user friendly for hikers than Blackcomb Mountain, but equally scenic and packed with mountaintop amenities.  You can even enjoy a glass of wine(or just about anything else you can think of) from either one of the various eateries on both mountains.  Both mountains are equipped with nice restaurants, cafes, cafeterias as well as barbecue areas that sell very enticing barbecue burgers.  One of the must do activities summer or winter in Whistler surely is to have a burger and beer on a sunny patio on top of the world!  And if you would rather upscale sophistication, then just a few steps away you will find Christine's Restaurant.  Fine dining at unexpectedly reasonable prices, considering the location and view!  If you are in Whistler with no car, its no problem getting to this hiking paradise.  For more info, maps, directions and inspiration for Blackcomb Mountain click here.

Top 10 Whistler Walk To Trails - #1 Blackcomb Mountain >>

Top 10 Whistler Walk To Trails #2 - Whistler Mountain

Whistler Mountain is Accessible by GondolaWhistler Mountain is number 2 on on our Top 10 Walk To Trails list for similar reasons to Blackcomb.  Accessible with a lift pass, the hiking trails are endless, and as compared to Blackcomb, more vast and challenging.  The Blackcomb Mountain trails are much more user friendly and contained, whereas the Whistler Mountain trails extend in multiple directions and go vast distances.  The three different routes to Russet Lake from Whistler Mountain are each over a dozen kilometres one way!  Which doesn't sound to far until you take into account the constant elevation gains and loss when you tackle the Musical Bumps or the relentless ascent or descent on the Russet Lake trail.

Whistler Top 10 Walk To Trails - #2 Whistler Peak

The Whistler Mountain trails are very beautiful and as with Blackcomb Mountain, the majority of the elevation is done by gondola and chairlift.  You can get on the Whistler Gondola to the Roundhouse, high up on Whistler, then take a 5 minute walk down to the Peak Express, then ride it to the summit of Whistler.  This breathtaking journey requires barely any effort and takes you to the summit of this world famous mountain.

Whistler Mountain is Pay to UseThe trails from the summit of Whistler Mountain range from absurdly easy, to easy to moderate.  Trail variations are surprisingly varied from the summit.  The recently built Whistler Summit Interpretive Walk is an easy and short route around the absolute summit of Whistler Mountain and takes just 5-10 minutes.  The Half Note and High Note trails are considerably longer and take 1.5 hours and 3 hours.

Along with the gorgeous mountain and valley views from the summit of Whistler, you can look forward to seeing Cheakamus Lake.  This incredibly vivid, turquoise coloured lake surrounded by snow capped mountains is hypnotically beautiful.  The High Note Trail overlooks this marvellous lake and even two prominent viewpoints to appreciate the view.

Top 10 Walk to Trails - Whistler Peak InuksukWhistler Mountain Aerial VideoTop 10 Walk to Trails - Whistler Peak Inuksuks

The alpine hiking trails on Whistler Mountain are the ultimate in luxurious hiking.  Little hiking effort gets you amazing views of turquoise lakes, snowy mountain, valleys of flowers, waterfalls and spectacular glaciers.  In the summer months, Whistler Mountain is somewhat divided in two.  The lower half of the mountain is for biking and the upper half is for hiking, sightseeing, trail running, eating and drinking.  Whistler Mountain is easily number 2 on on our Whistler Top 10 Walk To Trails list.  For more information, maps and details click here.

Top 10 Whistler Walk To Trails - #2 - Whistler Mountain >>

Top 10 Whistler Walk To Trails #3 - Russet Lake

Russet Lake is Accessible via the Whistler GondolaRusset Lake in Garibaldi Provincial Park is accessible from Whistler Mountain via the spectacular High Note Trail and Musical Bumps trail.  Though you are constantly hiking up or down the "musical bumps", the trail is well marked and has plenty of signs to guide you.  Only moderately difficult, however, the 14 kilometre length of the trail, one way from Whistler's Roundhouse Lodge make it quite challenging.  Expect to take 4 hours(one way) to cover the 14 kilometres to Russet Lake.  Partway along the trail you pass into Garibaldi Provincial Park and the wonderfully rustic campground at Russet Lake.

Top 10 Walk To Ttrails in Whistler #3 Russet Lake

Beautifully serene, the Russet Lake campground is what a perfect campground should look like.  A simple outhouse, a cute little alpine hut(free to use by anyone) and that's it!  No other signs of human activity except for some rock cairns and tent clearings between Russet Lake and the massive valley overlooking Overlord Glacier.  A crashing and loud creek cuts along the campsite and fellow campers a dozen metres away can't be heard.  Laying under the stars at Russet Lake, even on a busy day with a dozen tents nearby, you feel alone in this paradise.

Russet Lake HutThe hut is cute and can accommodate up to 8 people comfortably.  Frequently occupied in the winter, in the summer the Russet Lake hut is more a cute hut to explore.  A nice little oasis of humanity in the Russet Lake Hut Aerial Video - Top 10 Whistlermiddle of a beautifully erratic strewn landscape.  An excellent and surreal place to share drinks with friends or a spectacularly romantic place to share with someone.  Bring a couple dozen tea light candles and bottle of wine, hike to Russet Lake on a non-weekend day in the summer and you will often have the entire mountain valley to yourselves.

On the weekends in the summer the area can get busy.  It is not uncommon to see two dozen tents dot the area on a July weekend.  The more adventurous and solitude seeking, will take the short 15 minute hike up to Adit Lakes.  These idyllic tarns lay in the next valley, up and over from Russet Lake.  Plans have been in the works for years to define a trail to these beautiful little lakes, however, they have been recently shelved.  Possibly too expensive, or simply to keep the area serene.

Regardless, they are easy to find and lay in an incredible glacier valley.  Plenty of truck sized erratics and flat, grassy areas between and around the two lakes make you feel a thousand miles from humanity.  Keep in mind that camping in this area is definitely a leave no trace place to camp.  Even more so than the Russet Lake campsite.  You should obviously never leave a trace when camping, but in this little corner of paradise you will want to be supremely careful.  When you see it, you will know.

Russet Lake is Accessible for Free via the Singing Pass TrailRusset Lake is accessible for free by hiking the Singing Pass trail that cuts along the edge of Whistler Mountain along Singing Creek.  Singing Creek bisects Whistler and Blackcomb mountains and much of its source comes from Russet Lake.  Most hikers take this route either up or down from Russet Lake.  You can take the Whistler Gondola down for free(but not up).

So you can hike the 14 kilometres from Whistler Village to Russet Lake along the constantly ascending Singing Pass trail for free.  Then on your return you can hike along the Musical Bumps trail to Whistler Mountain(14k one way) and ride down the gondola for free back to Whistler Village.  Our you can pay for a summer lift pass and do the route in reverse, which is considerably easier descending the 14k Singing Pass trail rather than ascending it.

Russet Lake Aerial Video - Whistler AerialRusset Lake Aerial Video - Hut ViewRusset Lake Aerial Video - Whistler Aerial

Russet Lake is certainly one of the most amazing(and oldest) hiking trails in Whistler, and accessible entirely without a car!  Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain are as well(for the cost of a lift ticket).  Singing Pass and Russet Lake is number 3 on our Top 10 Walk To Trails in Whistler list for more information, maps and details click here.

Top 10 Whistler Walk To Trails - #3 Russet Lake >>

Top 10 Whistler Walk To Trails #4 - The Blueberry Trail

The Blueberry Trails is Easy and Dog FriendlyThe Blueberry Trail in Blueberry Park is a wonderful, hidden forest on Alta Lake's quiet side, directly across from Rainbow Park.  Just a short 2 kilometre walk, run or bike ride from Whistler Village along the Valley Trail takes you to this beautiful, and unexpectedly large park.  The park consists of three large piers on Alta Lake with trails that run close to the shore of Alta Lake and also high above it.  Along with the idyllic piers, the park boasts a few towering viewpoints high above the lake.  Blueberry Park is never busy and visitors range from walkers and joggers to cross country bikers that take advantage of the gorgeous trail that links two of Whistler's neighbourhoods.  In the winter you will encounter snowshoers scrambling through waist deep powder and in the summer you will find locals lounging on the piers.

Whistler Top 10 Walk To Trails #4 Blueberry Trail

There are a few good reasons why Blueberry Park is one of our Top 10 Walk To Trails in Whistler.  First, it is very scenic and varied.  You can either hang out at the piers, go for a swim or hike up to the stunning viewpoints.  Blueberry Park is conveniently close to Whistler Village and can be done in a beautiful 5 kilometre loop trail that begins and ends at the same spot in Whistler Village.

This beautiful walking, running or biking route takes you along Whistler Golf Club, then up through Blueberry Park, down into Whistler Cay, then back along the opposite end of the golf course to where you began.  There is hardly a section of the 5 kilometre route that isn't interesting and pretty.  The Whistler Golf Course is frequented by bears in the spring months and occasionally in the summer and fall months.

Whistler Top 10 Walk To Trails - BlueberryWhistler Top 10 Walk To Trails - BlueberryWhistler Top 10 Walk To Trails - Blueberry

If you like a widely varied route through Whistler that takes in golf course views, lakeside views as well as a tranquil forest that rises high above Alta Lake, the Blueberry Trail is ideal.  The Blueberry Trail is number 4 on our Top 10 Walk To Trails in Whistler, for more info, directions and maps click here.

Top 10 Whistler Walk To Trails - #4 The Blueberry Trail >>

Top 10 Whistler Walk To Trails #5 - Lost Lake

Lost Lake Park is Easy and Dog FriendlyLost Lake Park is a wonderful spider web of trails right next to Whistler Village and surrounding a serene and idyllic lake.  Lost Lake is a tranquil and secluded lake that hides in the forest extending from Whistler Village.  Just a 20 minute, leisurely walk or 5 minute bike ride along the well signed Valley Trail will lead you to this cute little lake.  The wide and paved Valley Trail turns into a wide, gravel trail as you enter Lost Lake Park and dozens of named trails branch off in all directions.  There are many attributes of Lost Lake that make it our number 5 Top 10 Walk Trails in Whistler.  First, its convenience.  Beginning your walk, run or bike ride from Whistler Village you are met with beautifully clear sign posts along the way.  The Valley Trail runs through forest, over and along Fitzsimmons Creek, through the scenic underpass under Lorimer Road, then into Lost Lake Park to Lost Lake.

Whistler Top 10 Walk To Trails #5 Lost Lake

Lost Lake Park is Easy and Dog FriendlyLost Lake's main trail runs around the lake and is a popular running route from Whistler Village.  Roundtrip from Whistler Village, this route around Lost Lake and back to the Village is just 6 kilometres.  If you are walking this route, plan to take a couple hours at a leisurely pace, stopping occasionally.  There are plenty of nice viewpoints along this main trail as well as quite a few short trails that lead to several access points to the lake.  All with great places to sit and relax in the sun and take in the view.

Lost Lake is largely centred around the very popular beach at the south end.  At the height of summer this can get busy as it is the most convenient beach from Whistler Village.  Alternatively you will find numerous quiet spots in the forest along the shore.  Some with little park benches at strategic points, and even when the lake is busy, these spots are reliably vacant and serene.  There are several swimming platforms out in the lake as well as a wonderful and huge pier along the right hand side of the lake.

Whistler Top 10 Walk To Trails #5 Lost LakeWhistler Top 10 Walk To Trails #5 Lost LakeWhistler Top 10 Walk To Trails #5 Lost Lake

Lost Lake is number 5 on our Top 10 Walk To Trails in Whistler list for its beautiful serenity and varied shoreline.  You can be in the midst of family fun at the main beach one minute and reading a book in a peaceful setting moments later.  You can be fly fishing at one of several productive shores, or laying in the sun on the beautiful pier on the opposite side of the lake.  When the snow falls in the winter, Lost Lake Park becomes a snowshoeing and cross country ski area and you have to pay an admission to enter.  The rest of the year Lost Lake is a wonderful bit of paradise just a short walk from Whistler Village.  Lost Lake is number 5 on our Top 10 Whistler Walk To Trails list.  For more information, maps and details for Lost Lake click here.

Top 10 Whistler Walk To Trails - #5 Lost Lake >>

Top 10 Whistler Walk To Trails #6 - Sea to Sky Trail

The Sea to Sky Trail is Easy & Dog FriendlyNext to the public washrooms at Lost Lake Park you will notice a couple trails ascend into the forest. The one on the left is the Sea to Sky Trail.  The Sea to Sky Trail, a recently constructed hiking, biking, running and walking trail that actually extends from Squamish to D'Arcy(well north of Pemberton, which is well north of Whistler).  This beautiful trail runs through Whistler Village along the same route as the Valley Trail for several kilometres(you will notice Sea to Sky Trail signs in and around the Village).  The Sea to Sky Trail extends from Whistler Village along the Lost Lake trail before ascending up above Green Lake and past Whistler's cherished ghost town, Parkhurst.

Whistler Walk To Trails - #6 Sea To Sky Trail

The Sea to Sky Trail in Whistler is over 33 kilometres long and can be divided into three sections.  The Brandywine Falls to Cheakamus Crossing section, the Cheakamus Crossing to Whistler Village section and the Lost Lake to Wedgemount section.  The most convenient and quick section from Whistler Village is the Lost Lake to Wedgemount Lake section.  This section of the Sea to Sky Trail above Green Lake is wide, gravel, somewhat steep, but with constant views.  Lots of steep switchbacks get you ascending quickly above Green Lake, which you will quickly notice is a trail where the views are amazing and other hikers or bikers are rarely seen.

The Sea to Sky Trail is Easy & Dog FriendlyThis highlight of this stretch of the trail, apart from the beautiful views of Green Lake, is Parkhurst Ghost Town.  Shortly after you begin your steep descent on the far side of Green Lake you will see an unmarked trail on your left.  This leads you to this amazing relic of pre-Whistler history.  Parkhurst was a small logging town several decades ago that was abandoned.  Despite the harsh winters with crushing snow, one resilient house still stands.  It has been adorned with an amazing and haunting mural of a blue face.

Whistler Walk To Trails - #6 Sea To Sky TrailWhistler Walk To Trails - #6 Sea To Sky TrailWhistler Walk To Trails - #6 Sea To Sky Trail

Elsewhere in the area you find strange artifacts.  An abandoned 1950's Corvette.  An ancient truck.  And down on the shore of Green Lake an extraordinary and enormous log mover(tractor) is perched on the shore as if waiting for the next batch of logs to move.The Sea to Sky Trail is number 6 on our Top 10 Whistler Walk To Trails list.  For more information, maps and details click here.

Top 10 Whistler Walk To Trails - #6 The Sea to Sky Trail >>

Top 10 Whistler Walk To Trails #7 - Parkhurst

Parkhurst is Easy & Dog FriendlyParkhurst, a small logging town that was abandoned decades ago, long before Whistler was Whistler.  Back in the 50's Whistler Mountain was called London Mountain and only a railroad passed through the valley.  Today Parkhurst Ghost Town sits along the shore of Green lake as well as a plateau high above.  Many relics of the past still exist.  One disintegrating house with a hauntingly beautiful blue face painted over one entire side.  Several other century old houses have collapsed and all that remain are curiously functioning water pipes that stick out out the ground with fountains of water still pouring out in the midst of decaying foundations.

Whistler Top 10 Walk To Trails - #7 Parkhurst

Down along the shore of Green Lake, a giant relic of Parkhurst's logging past sits as if abandoned yesterday.  A giant logging tractor at the edge of the lake is a hauntingly beautiful indication of where the ghost town begins.

Parkhurst Ghost Town in number 7 on our Top 10 Walk To Trails in Whistler for its scenery and wonderful curiosities.  You don't have to have an interest in history to appreciate the hauntingly beautiful blue face mural on the one remaining house.  Or to wander through the surreal landscape with abandoned relics and mystifying water pipes still spewing water up into the crumbled remains of buildings.

Parkhurst Ghost Town Aerial VideoParkhurst Ghost Town Aerial VideoParkhurst Ghost Town Aerial VideoParkhurst Ghost Town Aerial Video

If you do love history, you will be immersed in the vanished history of Toad Hall.  Parkhurst was the home of the colourful 70's commune of sorts that produced the famously cherished picture of naked skiers.  Parkhurst is number 7 on our Top 10 Whistler Walk To Trails list.  For more information, details, directions for Parkhurst click here.

Top 10 Whistler Walk To Trails - #7 Parkhurst Ghost Town >>

Top 10 Whistler Walk To Trails #8 - Wedgemount Lake

Walking to the Wedgemount Lake TrailheadBack on the Sea to Sky Trail, continuing away from Whistler Village, you eventually come to the bridge over Green River.  This is the Sea to Sky Highway turnoff to(among other things) the Wedgemount Lake trailhead and parking.  Signs indicate the gravel road that ascends up 3 kilometres to the trailhead of another of Whistler and Garibaldi Provincial Park's most amazing hiking destinations.  From the Wedgemount Lake trailhead to Wedgemount Lake is a grueling and always steep 7 kilometre ascent.

Whistler Top 10 Walk To Trails - #8 Wedgemount Lake

Wedgemount Lake is a sharp contrast to Russet LakeRusset Lake is small and not terribly pretty or colourful.  Wedgemount Lake is much larger, within an incredibly alpine valley ringed with hostile and vertical mountain peaks.  And best of all, Wedgemount Lake is that impossibly turquoise colour that you will soon will find is shared by many other alpine lakes around Whistler.

Wedgemount Lake is Very ChallengingSimilar to Russet Lake, Wedgemount Lake has a cute little mountain hut usable by anyone for free.  Within the valley carpeted with giant erratics, you will find dozens of impeccably designed tent platforms.  Necessary as a result of the chaotic valley of boulders, these tent platforms are well placed and often hidden from each other.  Down along the lake you will find another dozen gravel clearings directly across from Wedge Glacier.  Receding up the valley, Wedge Glacier is a magnificent sight to see.  And framed by turquoise water below and stark black cliff on either side.. a more spectacular campsite in Garibaldi Provincial Park, you won't find.

Wedgemount Lake Aerial Video - Whistler TrailsWedgemount Lake Aerial VideoWedgemount Lake Aerial Video - Whistler Trails

The Wedgemount Lake trailhead is a good 3 hour hike from Whistler Village or about a 45 minute bike ride.  If you bike there you will likely have to push your bike the last, steep 2 kilometres to the trailhead.  There are no bike racks at the trailhead, so carry your bike into the forest and chain it to a tree out of sight.  Buses from Whistler Village are not really an option for Wedgemount Lake.  A taxi is a good option, though depending on the driver, may not drive you up the last 2 kilometres as the gravel road is quite potholed.  It can easily be driven by cars, so they should be able to drive you all the way.  A taxi to the trailhead should be less than $25.  On the return journey you should reliably be able to catch a ride with fellow hikers.  People are very friendly and approachable on hiking trails in and around Whistler.

Top 10 Whistler Walk To Trails - #8 Wedgemount Lake >>

Top 10 Whistler Walk To Trails #9 - The Flank Trail

The Flank Trail is Moderately Challenging & Dog FriendlyAnother popular hiking area within walking distance of Whistler Village is just across the valley.  The Flank Trail and Rainbow Lake sit across the valley and easily walkable from Whistler Village.  If you take the Valley Trail from Whistler Village along the Whistler Golf Course to the end of Lorimer Road, you will come to a trail junction(2k from the Village).  From the end of Lorimer Road(you can also park here for free if you would rather drive), the Valley Trail goes in three directions.

Whistler Top 10 Walk To Trails - #9 The Flank Trail

One direction is where you just came from, Whistler Golf Course and Whistler Village.  The second is toward Meadow Park along the River of Golden Dreams, over to Green Lake, then back to Whistler Village via Lost Lake.  The third direction at this junction takes you left to Rainbow Park on Alta Lake.  From the Village to Rainbow Park is just 3.2 kilometres and is entirely scenic.  On foot the one way journey is less than an hour and by bike is less than 15 minutes.

Rainbow Park is a great starting point to access the Flank Trail.  Formally known as the Rainbow Sproatt Flank Trail, this beautiful trail cuts across the valley, high above Whistler Village, flanking both Rainbow and Sproatt mountains.  The Flank Trail is so large that it has several trailheads and has a near Rainbow Park you will find a small parking area on Alta Lake Road for "The Rainbow Trail".  This is an excellent and convenient way to access the Flank Trail if you have a car.  If you don't have a car, walking from Rainbow Park is an excellent alternative, and not much longer.

The Flank Trail is Moderately Challenging & Dog FriendlyFrom Rainbow Park walk towards the washrooms.  Immediately after crossing the train tracks you will see a wide, unmarked trail on your left climbing into the forest.  Take this trail and it will immediately zig-zag right, then left again.  This trail ends in about 60 metres at Alta Lake Road, however if you don't follow this trail all the way, but instead take a shortcut trail on the right you will see, directly across Alta Lake Rd a large mapboard and sign for the Flank Trail.  This sounds confusing, but from the train tracks near the washrooms at Rainbow Park, this trailhead sign for the Flank Trail(on Alta Lake Road) is just a 5 minute walk away.

Whistler Flank TrailWhistler Flank Trail Winter - Top 10 Walk To TrailsFlank Trail Tent - Whistler Trails

At the Flank Trail sign and mapboard you can get your bearings.  You will just need to follow this trail for a couple minutes before turning right and following "Whip Me, Snip Me" to the Rainbow Trail/Flank Trail junction.  At this junction you will turn left and ascend quickly to where the Flank Trail splits left off of the Rainbow Trail.  The Flank Trail then follows a generally easy route along the flank of Mount Sproatt past several very scenic viewpoints.  The Flank Trail is number 9 on our Top 10 Walk To Trails in Whistler.  For more information, details, directions for the Flank Trail click here.

Top 10 Whistler Walk To Trails - #9 The Flank Trail >>

Top 10 Whistler Walk To Trails #10 - Rainbow Lake

Rainbow Lake is Moderately Challening and Not Dog FriendlyNumber 10 on our Top 10 Walk To Trails in Whistler list is Rainbow Lake.  The Rainbow Trail, if you don't detour onto the Flank Trail(see Flank Trail above), continues to Rainbow Lake.  This 8 kilometre trail(from the Rainbow Trail trailhead) is one of Whistler's oldest trails.  Rainbow Lake is Whistler's water source, so you are limited on what you can do around the lake.  No dogs, camping, fishing or swimming allowed.  Rainbow Lake is mainly a day-trip destination that can easily be done in a day.  Walking from Whistler Village(see the Flank Trail description above), you can walk the scenic route to the Rainbow Trail trailhead in about an hour.  From the trailhead to Rainbow Lake is 8 kilometres and should take you just over two hours(one way).

Whistler Top 10 - Walk To Trails #10 Rainbow Lake

If you want to spend the night up in the mountains around Rainbow Lake you can legally do it by continuing past the lake and camp at Hanging Lake or Beverley Lake.  Hanging Lake is just a short, 20-30 minutes past Rainbow Lake and is a designated place to camp.  Beverley Lake is found by hiking for an hour in the valley on the far side of Rainbow Mountain.

Rainbow Lake Aerial VideoBeverley Lake Aerial VideoRainbow Lake Aerial Video

Hiking Beyond Rainbow LakeBoth Hanging Lake and Beverley Lake are free to camp at and both are very nice.  Hanging Lake is much more convenient and has a few great tent spots as well as an outhouse, while Beverley has no facilities yet lots of wild tent areas.  Beverley is much tougher to get to than Hanging Lake and therefore you will usually find it deserted, whereas Hanging Lake can get busy on weekends in the summer.  Number 10 on our Top 10 Walk To Trails in Whistler, Rainbow Lake is a serene paradise on the quiet side of Whistler valley.  Easily accessible without a car, and very easy to get to by bike.  For more information, details, directions and hiking inspiration for Rainbow Lake click here.

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